Finally...the classic game of Moosentration returns! Now for the iPhone™ and iPod touch™.

Moosentration is a clever twist on the classic game of concentration. The rules are simple: match up the pairs of cute little moose hiding behind the tiles. In the unlikely event you get tired of the moose, there are additional picture sets to challenge you.

An updated version of the classic game.

Moosentration for the iPhone and iPod touch is an updated version of the original Moosentration for Windows that was released to an enthusiastic reception in 1998. ZDNet featured that original version on their website, and in their review commented: "It's cute and can really burn up the clock." We tend to agree, and so do the more than 100,000 folks who downloaded the game.

Available now on the iPhone App Store™ for US$0.99!



Moosentration comes in two sizes.

Lite Edition
Full Edition
Moose Picture Set
Zoo Picture Set
Shapes Picture Set
Cool Moose Picture Set
Letters Picture Set
Quadra Picture Set
Ledermoosen Picture Set
"Classic" Board Layout
"Easy Peasy" Board Layout
"Twenty" Board Layout
"The Courtyard" Board Layout
"The Hourglass" Board Layout
Control Sound (On/Off)
Control Playfield Background
Control Peek Time


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